Chocolate Cake Supreme

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This chocolate cake is so chocolately delicious and best when it first comes out of the refrigerator. I love cold chocolate cake with milk. It has taken me a few tries to master this cake and decoration it completely up to you. My grandmother taught us how to make this dessert and she doesn’t use any toothpicks to hold it together which can be tricky. On the flip side, when my mom pull this cake out of the fridge she says over and over to everyone to watch out for the death trap toothpicks she stuck in it to keep the layers from sliding. Your choice but I don’t use toothpicks in mine. I figure if my 84-year-old grandmother can whip this out, then my 33-year-old self just needs to pay attention and work carefully. Good Luck!


Pillsbury chocolate cake mix baked
Lg container Cool Whip

Chocolate Icing Ingredients:
1 lg pkg semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 c margarine
2 whole eggs
1 c powdered sugar sifted
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract

Bake a package of Pillsbury chocolate cake mix according to directions on package in 3 layers. Refrigerate or even freeze briefly.
Melt all ingredients in a double boiler. Beat till creamy and ready to spread. Ice the bottom of each layer then top with cool whip. Ice the top and outside of the remaining cake with the rest of the icing. Keep cake refrigerated.

Cold cake layers help this cake to stay together and give you a better finished look. I try to add as little chocolate icing as possible in between the cake layers, this will help them not to slide off one another. Same for the cool whip. Keep in mind proportion. You are only spreading a thin layer of these ingredients in between the layers.Before you ice the final layered cake check that there isn’t cool whip squeezing out between the layers because this will swirl in with the final fudge icing. It has happened to me before and if it happens to you beyond repair it still looks fine, just go with it and make it look marbled. When I ice this cake I use a butter knife to ice the sides holding it at the bottom then drawing it up toward the top layer of the cake. If you ice the sides first then you can finish the top nicely.


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