Coconut Cake Recipe

I love everything coconut. I have yet to find anything coconut I do not like so this cake is one of my favorites. It is a cool creamy dessert. This cake is especially great for summertime but keep in mind it should stay refrigerated or in a cool area or it will be a disaster. When you need a dessert this summer for a party or barbecue then whip this one up but plan ahead because it is best after it sits in the refrigerator for 3 days allowing all of the flavors to infuse.


1 (18.5 oz) box butter cake mix
1 c sugar
2 c sour cream
2 (9 oz) pkgs frozen coconut thawed
1 1/2 c whipped topping

Bake cake as directed using 2 layer pans. Split each layer in half. Combine sugar, sour cream and coconut. Chill, reserve 1 cup sour cream mixture for frosting. Spread remaining frosting between layers of cake. Combine reserved sour cream mixture with whipped topping. Blend until smooth, spread on top and sides of the cake, store in air tight container in refrigerator for 3 days before serving.



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