More bacteria in your mouth than your butt! Ewwe!

Yes, it’s true! Are you brushing your teeth yet? Don’t forget to floss too or you will just leave half of the bacteria behind. It is true that your mouth has a higher bacteria count than your butt. In a normal clean mouth this is the natural flora. If the gums are infected or you are on an unhygenic diet, then the microbial count will be more. Talk about a potty mouth!

Have you ever heard your dentist or hygienist use the words gingivitis or the dreaded periodontitis? Then you should listen to them. They are warning you about your potty mouth. The honest truth is that our bodies have good bacteria as well as bad bacteria. This is the only way we can function well. So when you hear the word bacteria it doesn’t necessarily mean anything dirty but can help you to heal and be healthy. We need to do our part by putting in the work with the good bacteria.

Everyone knows that you should brush and floss everyday, but you should be smart about it. I am a full time dental assistant and a full time mommy. I don’t have time to waste messing around just to cause a problem for myself and more work later, so I want to give you a few tips to clean up. Brush in the morning and floss if you have time to get rid of all the bacteria that festered in your mouth over night. If you have time to floss and brush during the day then great but a lot of us do not. At least make this one of the last things you do before you hit the hay. I like to floss first at night and then I brush my mouth. Did you notice I said mouth? Yes mouth, because bacteria is not magically confined to your teeth, there is no magic shield. Lightly brush your cheeks and tongue so that you can remove any bacteria building up. Remember we see everything that you don’t so if you are wondering about something, just ask us. We cannot help you if you will not tell us what you need. By now I’m sure you are calling your dentist to make an appointment. I’m proud of you, now don’t slack off potty mouth!


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