Let Your Baby Breathe

My son Wyatt has always battled asthma and allergies and while we give him medicine to help, sometimes it doesn’t fix everything. Warning to all that get grossed out, but I tend to be frank about things, especially medical things. It’s just in my nature but I don’t mean to gross anyone out. I mean let’s be real, just because it seems taboo to talk about doesn’t mean it ceases to happen. In my previous blog about Antronex I explain how I was able to use that supplement to help my child clear congestion but sometimes you still need to help them blow their noses. I found an awesome tool that I have used from day one for Wyatt and he just asked me this morning “mommy, can you clear my snots please”. He is now 4 and I have yet to change the batteries in this nasal aspirator.

This Graco Nasal Aspirator was on my baby shower registration and it was only $20 at Walmart. You can order it online in many places for different prices. It takes a few batteries, which as I mentioned earlier have lasted me 4 years so far and it is super easy to take apart and clean. According to the nurse at my son’s pediatrician’s office the key is to get a clear path to the sinuses and then spray saline solution in the nostrils before you use an aspirator. Sometimes I aspirate first if I can’t even see through the wall of buggers (I spent 5 minutes trying to find the correct spelling for this word lol) then I spray saline solution. It is best to spray saline solution when your child’s head is back or laying down so it will get as far up in the sinus area as possible. Then the fun part, snot sucking.

The aspirator has a yellow button on it that will play music while it works and this helped when Wyatt was very small. Now, I have used this so much in his life he just sits there and lets me go to work. The soft silicone tip does not seem to bother his nose even when it is raw. Remember to really get in there and hold it in the nostril for a few seconds and it will draw down the mucus. If there is a lot then I have filled up half the clear cup attached to it. Do as much as you can, then use soap and water to clean the removable parts. I just lay the parts on a kitchen towel to dry until the next event.

You can tweak these things to work for you and your child, but I really think my child asks me to aspirate his nose because he knows how much better he feels and it doesn’t bother him much while I’m doing it. That says a lot about a product to me. My friends tell me horror stories about just wiping noses and how their child won’t let them help them breathe. I feel it’s worth a try if you are having trouble with other methods. If’s as easy as just pushing a button. I tried the nasal aspiration bulb from the hospital but if your child doesn’t stay still, its almost impossible. Not to mention, I couldn’t imagine if you cut one of those things open what you could find inside it even if you clean it with soapy water. Let’s get snot free in 2017!


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