DIY Purex Crystals

imageI will be making my own laundry detergent soon and I will post the article with my recipe. As I was reading up on the difference between fels naptha and zote, I discovered a new recipe for diy Purex crystals. I stopped using these crystals a few years ago when we cut back on non essential items.  We have five people in our family and our teenage girls can go through a lot of fragranced things.

For this recipe all you need is a box of Epsom salt that retails as cheaply as $1/ lb and essential oils. Any essential oils will do just pick some fragrances you like. Add about 40 drops of essential oils to 2 lbs of Epsom salts (a little over 4 cups). Mix in a bowl until all is incorporated. You can use this product with your current laundry soap and it will help soften clothes also. I will be adding mine to the laundry detergent recipe that is soon to come.


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