RV Holding Tank Deodorizer DIY

We have had a camper or RV for the last ten years. With a family of five it can be hard to budget vacations if you need to stay in a hotel room. Rving has been the answer for our family to take weekend vacations or make long trips. We even rent our RV when we are not using it on RV Share, a website designed to let people rent campers and RV’s from owners. I have attached a link to our RV which we set up and take down for rentals in our local Myrtle Beach area campgrounds as well as the local North Carolina beaches.

We have found many ways to lower our costs or DIY RVing. We found that with five people in our family the black tank needs to be emptied more often and each time it is emptied we needed to add more deodorizer for the next tank load. This can get expensive but it’s absolutely necessary. I found a video on DIY RV holding tank deodorizer. For a couple of dollars you can make a gallon of deodorizer that would cost you upwards of $15-$20 for half that amount in the store. Plus I bought most of the ingredients from the dollar tree which saved me even more money. This recipe has been a real money saver for us. I do want to caution you that this video shows the liquid being stored in a plastic milk jug. Not all plastic is created equal and the first jug I used leaked because it was not the same grade plastic as the pinesol or ammonia bottles. As long as you match the storage bottle plastic grade with the pinesol or ammonia bottle grade you will be fine.


1 cup Purex or Borax laundry detergent

1/2 cup Pinesol

3 Tbsp Ammonia

Place ingredients in gallon jug and fill half full of warm water. Mix until dissolved and then fill the rest of the way with water. This makes one gallon of deodorizer and yields about eight treatments for a black holding tank.


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