Wax Tarts Alternative

So, I received a Better Homes and Gardens wax warmer in the style Botanical Glow. At first I thought what a nice gift. Now that I’ve used it and filled my whole home with fragrances from one little warmer, I think it’s a great gift. Although the wax tarts that you can buy are inexpensive and smell very nice, I always worry about what chemicals I am filling my home with. My 4-year-old son has asthma and one of the triggers can sometimes be things like formaldehyde and other chemicals released from fragrance oils and candles.

I did a little research and came up with some recipes using my favorite coconut oil as a base. The basic recipe calls for 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil placed in the warmer and additional ingredients added for fragrance. You can add more or less coconut oil as it evaporates and if you want to dilute the fragrance. On the recipes below I give the quantities for essential oils at a few drops. This is because different brands have different strengths and some people prefer more or less fragrance strength. Adjust for your preferences. Keep in mind you can experiment with all of these recipes and substitute spices from your cabinet if you like.

Fall: 3 tsp pumpkin pie spice and 1/2 tsp cinnamon spice

Cold and Congestion: 1 Tbsp Vicks Vapor Rub or a few drops of Doterra Breathe/Young Living Raven

Calm and Sleepy: equal parts lavender and bergamot

Concentration: equal parts rosemary and lemon

Balance: 2 parts sage, 1 part tea tree oil, 1 part mint

Uplifting: equal parts orange and clove

Pick Me Up: equal parts peppermint and lemon

Melt Away Worries: 3 parts sandalwood to 1 part ylang ylang

Be Happy: 3 parts wild orange to 1 part clary sage

Citrus Refresher: equal parts grapefruit and wild orange

Gingerbread: 4 parts ginger, 2 parts clove and 1 part cinnamon

Energy and Focus: equal parts wild orange and peppermint

Allergy Blend: equal parts of peppermint, lavender and lemon

Memory Booster: 3 parts rosemary, 2 parts lemon and 1 part basil

Clear Winter Air: equal parts rosemary, lemon and lime

Please share any recipes you discover. I would love to hear them.



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