Potty Training

It felt like a never ending process in life and had so many twists and turns but potty training my little boy is one of the most rewarding things so far. I remember asking so many friends for advice and checking so many mommy facebook groups I felt like I knew all there was to know except my son did not realize that. I am by no means an expert on the subject but I feel I have been successful with potty training so I will pass along all the tips I can offer.

My son Wyatt is in daycare 4-5 days a week and although they can help with training, it is ultimately up to you. I asked his teachers constantly for pointers and they helped support me as much as they could. What I think ultimately helped was when Wyatt’s friends moved up to the three year old class because they were potty trained and he was not. I didn’t bother to disclose to him it was also because he was still two. This gave him some motivation but with each step forward there was some regression for awhile. Get used to this. It will be your life for a few months and you just need to roll with the punches. Don’t be embarrassed by accidents your child has because we as parents can all sympathize and should sympathize, remember that. My child peed and pooped his pants in Chik Fil A’s play area half way up the jungle gym and I carried him out of the restaurant because he could only waddle. My husband helps coach the North Myrtle Beach high school baseball team and I can’t tell you how many times I just laid my son in the grass or found an equipment closet to change his poopy pants. One of the worst accidents was during a meeting for a golf tournament to benefit a friend’s family and while Wyatt was sitting in my lap, he explodes everywhere. My two girlfriends were there and they grabbed him and cleaned him up for me while I cleaned up in the restroom. My wonderful husband was there too, but I knew my girls had it handled. It will always seem to be the worst of times but now I look back and see how strong of a mama I was for pulling through.

We took him from diapers to straight underwear when he was ready and when he was home he ran around the house with nothings… a lot. Choose your battles! We did try pull ups but the problem seemed to be they were so much like diapers he still peed in them and then asked me to change him. Underwear however he peed in the floor or wherever he was and he did not like to stand or sit in pee. We have a rather private back yard so I tried what one of my mommy friends suggested and let him pee off the back porch and help mommy water her plants. He was so helpful! There were times when he would run to the back door saying “I have to pee, I have to pee”. Again, choose your battles! When we went out I had him in diapers and took him to the bathroom often. It’s daunting but worth it in the long run.

Night training was pretty easy for me after I placed his little potty in his room. I thought of this idea which my mom thought would be a disaster and it has saved me many times from changing sheets. Of course he has a plastic mattress cover on his bed, this is a must. I got his from Walmart for about $10 and it is the mattress sleeve that zips around the whole mattress. Spend the money on this, it will pay off. Wyatt will get under his fitted sheet and pretend he’s hiding out. I figure if he can removed a fitted sheet he can remove a plastic cover.Now I am currently thinking of a way to transition him to leaving his room at night to go use the bathroom but it’s been a year and this has worked. My son sleeps nude in the summer mostly or just in underwear because we live on the coast of North Carolina where it gets HOT! When he gets up to use his potty he will not put his underwear back on so we will eventually get to that later too.

Potty training takes time and effort on your part more than your child. Remember that your end goal is to teach your child to use the potty and not their pants. Remind them of this but understand it WILL be hard but totally worth it. I’d love to hear any tips you have for potty training mamas.


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