Coconut Oil Is Our New Moisturizer

I love coconut oil! I cannot say it enough because it has changed my family’s life. Going back several years when my son was born he had sensitive skin as most babies do, but his was like sand paper on his sides and legs. It was awful. Babies  are supposed to be soft and smell good, not rough. The best thing I found at the time was a lotion and body wash made by Cetaphil. Though the Cetaphil line worked very well, I needed something for the rest of my family and something cost-effective.

Coconut oil was my cure for my whole family and I lucked out when I found a huge jar of it at Big Lots for about $4. I use coconut oil on my son when he gets out of the bath with dry skin and I use coconut oil myself as my daily face moisturizer. As a dental assistant I wash my hands so many times in a day I lose track. This leaves my hands dry and almost cracking at the knuckles especially in the winter months. Right before I go to bed I lather my hands with coconut oil and let it soak into my skin over night. When I wake in the morning my hands feel silky smooth.

My stepdaughter has sensitive skin and as a 16 year old girl who loves scented lotions and such it can be a nightmare. We have found her to show an allergy to Kathon as it is commonly known. You can research the chemical name but there are about five of them. Basically this ingredient is a very common preservative used in soaps and lotions even makeup. When she needs a moisturizer she uses coconut oil with no problem. It even helps to calm her skin once she has washed it after an allergic reaction.

When bought in a jar, coconut oil is sort of a solid. I say sort of because here on the coast of North Carolina it becomes mushy in the hot summer months. When you place some in your hands, the warmth of your body melts it immediately and you rub it in where needed. When I started using this as a facial moisturizer it took about a week not to feel really oily on my skin when first applied. Your skin adapts to the oil since it is natural. I wouldn’t recommend using as a moisturizer before applying makeup. It is a great moisturizer after sunburn sets in because of its moisturizing properties.

Let me know how it works for you and your family.




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