Antronex… like sinus rejuvenation.

Several years ago back in 2013, I had a my son Wyatt. He is a spunky red head with all the asthma and allergies included. We had the hardest time regulating his symptoms and if he wasn’t wheezing he was so stuffy he couldn’t breathe. If you are like me, I beat myself up about not accomplishing a goal and my son was my mission.

We had all the pharmaceuticals the doctor recommended and this OCD mama was waking up at night to administer nebulizer treatments and saline washes. I’m stubborn that way! As many of you mamas already know, most medicines besides tylenol cannot be given to your child until basically age six. I did not have 6 years to mess around with defeat. Not to mention my son was pitiful and I had enough.

One night while telling my aunt all my woes over this predicament, she explained how she used to crush up a tablet of Antronex and mix it in with food or drink to help with congestion for my baby cousin. My ears perked up and I’m sure a light shone down on me from the heavens as I had my answer. Dr. Google was my next stop as I kinda have one of those type A personalities and I want to be a perfectionist and have all my ducks in a row to be “right” about everything before I truly commit.

Antronex contains yakriton which is a liver fat extract discovered by Japanese researchers that is used to support the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms. Yakriton was first discovered in 1926 and has been studied for years. Basically the way it helps with congestion from allergies and asthma is by helping the liver function more efficiently in producing histamines. When you have an irritation or allergy, your body produces histamines which can cause various symptoms one main symptom being congestion or runny nose. It is your body’s natural defense, but sometimes our bodies go into overdrive or our liver gets clogged with toxins. If the liver is weak than the whole person is weakened. Antronex is an extract derived from cow liver fat. Since most of us don’t routinely eat animal organs, it would be harder for us to implement this into our daily diet. Chemical decongestants dry up and completely block  all these things from happening for a few hours but Antronex helps your body by toning down the flood of histamines and regulating your body.

Of course this is only half the battle because these miracle cures are not sold in your local drug store. Walmart doesn’t even have it. Yes, I know I couldn’t believe it either, probably just the only thing Walmart doesn’t have but that’s for another day. Antronex is made by a company called Standard Process and sold by various online dealers. The only place I’ve found locally to purchase Antronex is at a chiropractor’s office.

Understanding that Antronex can be taken by anyone of any age, my first question was dosage. Basically, the worst thing that happens if you take too much is it can dry out your sinuses and possibly give you a nose bleed. I gave my 6 month old boy who was a little big for his age at the time one crushed up tablet mixed with food. It was the miracle I was looking for and cleared his congestion. I only administered the Antronex when he was stuffy enough that saline and nose suctioning didn’t help immediately. I even took it myself of course. I mean, this was my small miracle. I took two tablets if I was stuffy and one tablet if I just felt allergies acting up. Worked like a charm.

As always I suggest you do your own research before putting anything in your body. This supplement however has helped my family so much I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Getting older I realize more and more how many chemicals we really do live with and if I can I will try to heal my family naturally. If any of you have testimonials about Antronex I would love to hear about it.


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